Pressure Formed Appliances

Pressure Forming, what we can offer you. All our Appliances are manufactured Using the best materials and pressure formed for a precise tight fit. Our High quality Gumsheilds are perfect protection for Contact sports.     We have a range of Thicknesses and colours available for our Gumsheilds. Gumsheild over braces. Soft and Hard Night Guards.… Continue reading

Crown & Bridge

Ceramics, what we can offer you. All our Crowns are manufactured by our qualified and well experienced ceramist and metal technician. As with Prosthetics all our cases are produced on dies and Fitted to Solid models for contact point adjustment then quality checked prior to leaving the lab, Our Clients are pleased with the ease and simplicity of reduced… Continue reading


Prosthetics, what we can offer. All our dentures are manufactured by our qualified and well experienced team. Here at Proramics all our partial dentures are model fitted and quality checked prior to leaving the lab, Our Clients are pleased with the simplicity and reduced surgery time when our dentures fit… Continue reading

Flexible Dentures

Tcs® Flexible Dentures Our New range of Tcs® flexible dentures Extremely resilient high performance material used for the fabrication of removable partial dentures. A Drurable Lightweight nylon thermoplastic, suitable for Partial Dentures as it has a Ideal degree of flexibility Nylon thermoplastic Aesthetic Unbeatable strength Lightweight yet durable Ideal degree… Continue reading