Crown & Bridge

Ceramics, what we can offer you.

All our Crowns are manufactured by our qualified and well experienced ceramist and metal technician. As with Prosthetics all our cases are produced on dies and Fitted to Solid models for contact point adjustment then quality checked prior to leaving the lab, Our Clients are pleased with the ease and simplicity of reduced fitting times.

  • We have a wide range of shades and Porcelains available for our NHS, Private cases.
  • E.max all ceramic and Layered Zirconia Frameworks, Please allow 14 days as the frameworks are milled and sintered off site.
  • Gold Crowns  Inlays/onlays Cast here with a gold surcharge.
  • Composite Inlays/onlays and verneers  and composite restoration splints.
  • Various Aspects of implant cases. Implant bonded and screw retained, Trimmed abutments.
  • Fit crown under denture to soft tissue models.
  • Diagnostic wax ups and surgical stents.
  • Acrylic temporary crowns and bridges.
  • Re-etch sandblast cleaning and crown shade change.
  • Our Crowns carry a one year guarantee (under normal use), please visit our T&C page for more details.

Turnaround times: Please allow 7 working days in lab upon receipt for each stage. Zirconia & E.max allow 14 days.

We can also offer a 5 day Express stage for a charge. N/a for Zr E.max.

Implant retained bridge

E-mail us if you haven’t received our current prices.

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