Prosthetics, what we can offer.

All our dentures are manufactured by our qualified and well experienced team. Here at Proramics all our partial dentures are model fitted and quality checked prior to leaving the lab, Our Clients are pleased with the simplicity and reduced surgery time when our dentures fit without issue.

  • We have a wide range of shades and moulds available for our NHS, Independent and Private range.
  • High impact acrylics are used for our Private cases and inclusive of Monarch teeth, Enigma teeth are also available for a fee.
  • We are also well experienced with Flexible denture materials from Valplast, Flexite to Tcs, Click here for more info.
  • Chrome skeletal and plate designs. Allowing 10 working days for framework stage.
  • All our dentures carry a one year guarantee (under normal use), please visit our T&C page for more details.

Turnaround times: Please allow 5 working days in lab upon receipt for each stage.

We can also offer a 3 day Express stage for a charge.


Other services available

  • Clasp and tooth Additions.
  • Soft/hard Relines.
  • Repairs and complex repairs.

Turnaround times: Independent and Private next day or 2/3 days, more details on the pricelist.

E-mail us if you haven’t received our current prices.

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