Pressure Formed Appliances

Pressure Forming, what we can offer you.

All our Appliances are manufactured Using the best materials and pressure formed for a precise tight fit.

Our High quality Gumsheilds are perfect protection for Contact sports.



  • We have a range of Thicknesses and colours available for our Gumsheilds.
  • Gumsheild over braces.
  • Soft and Hard Night Guards.
  • Whitening trays with or without reservoirs and contoured around the gingival margins.
  • Soft or Hard Retainers of various thicknesses.
  • Composite restoration splints.
  • Pressure formed Surgical guides.
  • Comfort and Fit Guaranteed.


Turnaround times: Please allow 5 working days in lab upon receipt for each stage.

We can also offer a 3 day Express stage for a charge.


E-mail us if you haven’t received our current prices.





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